Detroit: Dark Days

And Then There Was One

James and Trevor continue to look into the werewolf in town. Tera comes forward with some hair and brings to light that the person they’re looking for is a child. During the nasty weather Trevor decides to finish the summer court challenge and deal with the Eldest Gruff. Turns out that was foolish. The Eldest Gruff almost completely destroys Trevor while James negotiates with the Summer Lady to end the fight. Trevor gives up the Fomor, has Balor offer him a private contract, but ultimately turns that down. James continues to investigate while Trevor decides to hide out at Elysium. The two track down the hotel where the child is and release the child to Tera. After which Trevor decides to follow up on the last signatory he hasn’t cut and ran out on. Upon hearing about the job only being open to those that die in battle, Trevor decides to challenge his old draconic patron. James sends a request to the new signatory, warns Trevor against this, and then opens a portal to the Nevernever. Trevor issues the challenge to find out that dragons think of him as tasty. From there James marches forward, working his way toward Warden. The good Father asks James help with a problem that’s been plaguing one of his flock. Scions are showing up in the city and one of them is bringing his friends.



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