Detroit: Dark Days

Journal Entry

Lord things are more complicated than ever. First the church keeps my heritage from me while still encouraging me to develop my martial talents and now I realize that my city is being drowned in fear and being controlled by fae and vampires. J.R. seems like he wants to help the city’s thousands but is facing his own problems all the time. My brother has made a deal with one of the vampiric powers which has kept me from talking with and learning about our past or learning about why we need to fight instead of work together to help the city. J.R. has informed me that he thinks that we might very well be alone here. Something needs to be done. I must help J.R. find the truth behind the Wardens’ accusations. I must show Frank the light. I must remove the Fae, Vampires, and other monsters of the city. I must help build the city back up into a happy, healthy, faithful city. God look after your follower and pray for those that I’m coming for.


p.s. I think I’m going to need some sort of nation’s protection if I plan to go to war. I’m not a wizard though I could look at other options after. Also I’m still wondering about my father, who aren’t not in heaven.



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