Detroit: Dark Days

Official Report on the Events of the Trial of James Rutherford, Page 1

by Warden Bresnick

As per our orders, we entered the house of Warden Rutherford on the night of the eighth. His wards were significant, but we were prepared to counter them; I suspected something was awry when he did not immediately respond to the intrusion and ordered the Wardens with me to proceed with caution as we searched the house. As we began to search, Warden Helms opened his Sight, against orders or common sense in such a situation and displaying a great deal of inexperience and impatience. If he had done so sooner, perhaps we would know more about what transpired immediately before we apprehended Rutherford.

Helms could not gather himself to do more than mutter about scents and point out the way to Rutherford’s sanctum. Much of what he muttered isn’t worth reporting, beyond the fact that it set us even further on edge, but on entry to the sanctum I also caught a fleeting whiff of sulhpur. Whether it was the “sulphurous stench of the nether reachs of the Nevernever,” I cannot personally attest. As I said, it is inadvisable when apprehending a warlock to open one’s Sight on potential willworking in progress.

We could all feel the collapse of a significant spell construct as we breached the sanctum. We found former Warden Rutherford standing near a cooling magical circle, and his known ascociate Zachariah Wellington seated on the floor staring into the empty space of the circle dumbfounded, or in shock. Rutherford said part of one word before lapsing into silence, and my guess is that he was going to actually say ‘this isn’t what it looks like.’ He surveyed the Wardens present for some time before finally saying simply, “I will go peacefully.”

He did not resist being hooded or placed in restraints, nor did he resist transit to the original destination for his trial. He did become temporarily agitated during the confusion over changing that location, but I take responsibility for not maintaining my own composure when I was informed. I did not understand why the trial was moved to Edinburgh or why so many wizards were invited to attend. I am not questioning the decision, but given what took place I do wonder, on record, if anyone can say exactly why that decision was made.

The trip to Edinburgh went smoothly, and undoubtedly gave any wizard with inclination time to get there themselves.



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