Detroit: Dark Days

Mulcahey's Missions: First Strike

Spirit of the Season

A series of family eliminations take place in rapid succession, the city is considering calling in the FBI, MPI can’t decide if they want the case, and Father Mulcahey thinks it may be the work of predatory fae. Phobophagic Fetches plague the city in significant numbers every October, but the state of fear in the city seems to be emboldening and empowering the faerie fear-eaters. James and Zach are put on the case by Mulcahey, but James needs time to recover from their last skirmish and prepare for his impending trial by the White Council. Zach starts by himself; taking the case from MPI, making sure the FBI isn’t called, and beginning to examine the files, scenes, and victimology for any useful information. James runs into roadblocks on every path he can think of to recover from the hollowness he feels in his soul, or on building a case in his defense, so he calls Henry Engel for advice, but the warlock is busy until the end of the week. James and Zach meet up at the house of the most recent victims, and inside are attacked by a small fetch while trying to calm and interview the ghosts of the family. They are similarly attacked at the next house, and at the third house they encounter greater resistance. A fetch has grown to human proportions and uncharacteristic strength, but the good guys put down the big baddie and the two smaller fetches with it. They gain little useful information from the ghosts, other than that one girl was taken alive. James begins preparing a spell to track the girl, while Zach discovers the empty houses are gateways that empower the fetches coming through and shape them to match the fears of the families who had lived there. Curiously, the fetch that killed the first family evidently crossed over through the second family’s home before the killings began. The boys track the girl to an empty skyscraper and fight their way up the stairs against a movie monster that seems to come back from death several times, before making it to the top floor. There an extremely powerful fetch holds the girl hostage and uses the visage of a warden to unsettle the heroes, who eventually triumph and save the girl.

James works to try and befriend the genius loci of BelleIsle, and meets with Engel, before deciding to go to Edinburgh to try and prevent a trial from happening. A passing comment by Cherberus however prompts James to soul gaze himself, which makes him realize he has been deceived and the evidence is strongly stacked against him. According to Engel, only around 1 in 2500 people tried for lawbreaking are proven innocent. James now doubts that he’d be part of that lucky .04%.



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