Detroit: Dark Days

Mulcahey's Missions: Prologue

Late Check Out

Father Mulcahey asks Zachariah Wellington to investigate the theft of numerous bodies from Detroit graveyards, some of which are the dead relatives of parishioners at St. Anne de Detroit. Zach recruits James to help with the task as well. Unfortunately, James has been informed that he is suspended from active duty as a Warden and may face prosecution for his conduct during his fight on Belle Isle. James leaves Zach to begin the investigation while he goes to Edinburgh. Zack finds evidence of necromancy and corpses pulling themselves out of the ground. Meanwhile, James finds himself unable to immediately affect or look into the case against himself and returns home. Both men work together to divine the location of the necromancer involved, an abandoned hotel. The hotel turns out to be a trap, where they are ambushed by zombies and Zach’s brother Frank before they can get to the necromancer on the top floor. The necromancer has older more powerful zombies there, and pulls out an especially powerful zombie to keep Zach at bay. Nearing his limit in the fight, James manages to call on a new form of magic, Soulfire, to turn the tide and force the necromancer to flee. Zach is capable of finishing the remaining zombies once they are weakened, and James tries to draw more heavenly power to finish the fleeing warlock, but the power doesn’t come. The two men rest and recover as much as they can overnight, before James uses a new spell to track their enemies. This time they find themselves at the MGM Detroit, where Caden Malvora greets them personally. Caden informs them their quarry are under his protection. The vampire uses a spell to catch a glimpse of James’ secret fears, and reveals that he “knows what you’ve seen” and that it would not be good for James if Caden revealed it to the world. The threat is backed up with Caden’s potent fear powers. The vampire simply informs Zach that he is prey. The two heroes are forced to let their nemeses live to fight another day.



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