Detroit: Dark Days

Foreign Eye

James and Trevor go see MPI, who is hesitantly willing to trust Trevor now that he is no longer affiliated with a Dragon or Demon, and are briefed on two cases MPI has been unable to crack. A serial killer has been stalking the city since winter, and at the beginning of the month seven people were murdered and their bodies destroyed in one bloody weekend. MPI hands the two copies of all the case files, and they both head out to investigate.

Trevor is diverted by his new cantrev lord, Balor; the new form taken by the being that had been AlpLuachra. Balor sends Trevor to recover his long lost eye from a lake in Ireland. James continues the case for a day before getting a call to come to Elysium, where he is offered a job from the Fomor to stop Balor from retrieving his eye. Taking a much fast way through Faerie to Edinburgh then following another wizard to Ireland, James arrives in County Sligo at the same time as Trevor.

The two of them wander a bit and ask help from the locals before finding the lake, which is now a dry mud flat. Trevor’s connection to the Fomor and power from an Oath James swears to Trevor (to use this situation to improve Trevor’s standing with the Fomori Court), allow the two to draw down a monsoon to fill the lake. James convinced Trevor to let him transport the eye, and then subsequently loses the eye when the Summer Lady appears and claims it. Balor is angered at Trevor’s failure, and confused by his half-considered lies.

Back on the case, James and Trevor manage to identify the serial killer as Lorenzo Valentino, Trevor’s ghostly spy. The two of them manage to kill the ghost on it’s own home turf and Trevor claims the demesne as his own. Summer begins to send a series of increasingly dangerous agents after Trevor, and he quickly finds himself hiding out in his new demesne; leaving James to investigate the other killings on his own. James manages to identify the culprit as a Loup-Garou, a rare and extremely dangerous kind of werewolf, but everyone he calls about it just warns him to stay away.



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