Detroit: Dark Days

Winter Gives Way to...

A New Day

Wet Hot Faerie Summer

As Summer approaches, the Summer Court retakes all the territory it had once been given by Trevor, territory that had been entrusted to him in exchange for a deal he thenbroke. Summer Fae manage to expand all of those areas, and take significant chunks of Kate Sith‘s territory as well. Winter is left with only pockets in the city where it is closest to the Winter regions of the Faerie. None of this seems to phase Trevor’s masters, whose messengers seem content with his status reports and give no new directions for him. Trevor fights to hold on, based on his own desire to maintain his holdings and status in Detroit’s supernatural community.

As the economy worsens, more factories, schools, hospitals, stores, and the rest close down, possibly forever. The previous miasma of dread and despair that things weren’t getting better gives way to outright fear that things are going to get a lot worse. Gang activity increases. More and more of the people who can leave do. Adding to the fear, a serial killer seemed to be on the loose in the city, but almost as quickly as he appeared on the news the police denounced the reports and claimed the killings were all independent and gang related. The case was quietly passed to MPI. On top of all of this, supernatural predators now haunt the night feeding on the populace’s fear. For the citizens of Detroit, things have only gotten worse.

Wizard Shakeup

Shocking the entire White Council, Aleron LaFortier was murdered in his quarters within the most heavily guarded section of the White Council’s headquarters under Edinburgh. After a two day manhunt, long by wizard standards, and a short trial Warden Donald Morgan is executed for the crime. The trial was more eventful than anyone present is willing to admit, because a number of wizards and warden present to witness, officiate, or give testimony died. The White Council has released no information on what happened to those who weren’t there, and those who were seem sworn to secrecy. In another shocking move, the eldest wizard was passed up without explanation in choosing a replacement for the Senior Council seat. LaFortier’s protege, Gregori Cristos, takes the seat instead of Klaus Schneider, or a number of more senior wizards.

James continues taking care of the cat, Shadow, to no noticeable effect, while training with his father’s friend on building defenses against the supernatural dangers the White Council won’t talk to apprentices or junior wizards about. He also hears about the rumors and excitement (mostly hostile) about Harry Dresden performing a “Sanctum Invocation,” which appears to be exactly what James wants to do at Belle Isle. Janeane explains, when asked, that such an act is quite different from either binding a Ley line or becoming a shaman and “spirit partner.” The Sanctum Invocation is simply a magically reinforced claim that a location is the wizard’s home. It requires a non-hostile location with a significant magical charge, and most wizards who do so use their own homes, towers, or sanctuaries where they have spent a lifetime practicing magic.



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