Detroit: Dark Days

Fall Back

to Autumn Melancholy

Following the death of Trevor Smith, the summer passed quickly. Summer Court fae chased off the now listless Fomor forces, but had barely started to re-assert their position when Winter began to expand again. The days are shortening, the nights are growing darker, longer, and more terrifying. Ghouls now hunt throughout the suburbs, checked only by the valiant efforts of MPI and individuals like Charles Conrad. Under Caden Malvora, the White Court has expanded its influence physically and financially, due as much to abundant ambient fear to feed on as any particularly clever plotting. The atmosphere of fear has also began to draw an inordinate number of phobophagic winter fae, both fetches and other less common species.

Bribing city, state, and federal officials through Cherberus, James has managed to take legal possession of the once haunted house on Belle Isle and with it the right to live on the island and be there when the park is closed. So far he has yet to abandon his better defended family home, as he is not ready to start from scratch on a new sanctum or its wards. The White Council underwent significant turmoil, with a supernatural epidemic incapacitating a large number of its members and internecine politics temporarily removing numerous wardens from active duty (while others disappeared mysteriously, to return after the trouble was over). On the other hand, Harry Dresden appears to have ended the ancient hostility between the White Council of Wizards and the Red Court of Vampires, by destroying the entire species. He was apparently murdered a mere hours after returning from his climatic battle, and now his political enemies are searching through his record for any wrongdoing. James is recruited into the Wardens and trained for several months, before being assigned to cover the area around Detroit, under Carlos Ramirez (who is now supervisor of all Wardens in North America). The recovery from a coma of a warlock that James was suspected of breaking the laws of magic to defeat has reopened the case against James, which Dresden had summarily closed without a formal report.

Some good news occurred, a new crusader for good has shown up in Detroit. Zachariah Wellington and James have begun to collaborate on combating the evils plaguing the city, including Zach’s half-demon half-brother Frank Wellington. Father Mulcahey has decided to help guide the two men in their good works.



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