Charles Conrad

Bad-ass Ball Buster

High Concept Motivation Relationships
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Dossier #7:
Charles Conrad

Werewolf: Charles Conrad possesses the ability to transform into a wolf, a condition know commonly as lycanthropy.
Bounty Hunter: Mr. Conrad has been working as a bounty hunter specializing in high-risk and/or supernatural bonds, and a few cases that pique his personal interest.
Hard Ass: Charles has a strong sense of justice and feels he has a mandate to enact it. He can keep order in whatever areas you allow him to roam.

Mandate: The former bounty hunter asks to be allowed to enforce justice in the area(s) given to him without restraint.

Caution: Mr. Conrad’s sense of justice may not allow for some of the activities you pursue, much less those of the people you might choose to employ. Keep him quarantined.

Charles Conrad

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