Abram Defoe

Infected Vampire Hunter

High Concept Motivation Relationships
Fellow of St. Giles End the Red Court Trevor (Potential Ally)

Dossier #10:
Abram Defoe

Vampire Hunter: Mr. Defoe is a member of the Fellowship of St. Giles, and a full member at that. He has been infected by a member of the Red Court, but has not killed a human through feeding; and he uses the training and mystical aid of the Fellowship to keep his hunger in check. Abram is a dedicated and effective killer of supernatural horrors, especially vampires, and even more especially Red Court vampires.

Safe Haven: Abram Defoe asks for safe haven for himself and other members of his Fellowship within your territory.
Support: Mr. Defoe further asks for covert aid for the Fellowship.

Caution: While an effective counter to the Red Court cult in your territory, future Red Court incursions, and some of the darker beings you may hire; Defoe and his allies are also a political liability.

Abram Defoe

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