Father Mulcahey

Priest in the Know

Template High Concept Trouble
True Believer Priest in the Know Last Candle on the Hill
Motivation Relationships
Give what succor and Support I can to Detroit’s broken Sanya (Shows up when we need him)
Sunny Scowden (Cares more for himself than the victims)
Cherberus (Isn’t Neutral to me)
Aspects Skills
Devout Upbringing Superb (+5): Conviction, Empathy
Shepherd in Wolf Country Great (+4): Contacts, Rapport
Underground Railroad Good (+3): Deceit, Lore
I Pray for James Fair (+2): Endurance, Investigation, Resources
Fortress of Rest Average (+1): Alertness, Driving, Performance, Presence, Scholarship
Stress Powers Cost
Physical OOO Bless this House -1
Mental OOOO Guide My Hand -1
Social OOOO Devout Words -1
Extra Mild Mental Consequence Counselor -1
Extra Mild Social Consequence Person of Conviction -1
Tower of Faith -1
Honest Lies -1
Power Level Skill Cap
Submerged+ Superb (+5)
Skill Points Spent\Available: 35/35
11 Base Refresh
4 Adjusted Refresh

Raised a roman Catholic in Ireland until his family moved to Detroit. His father worked in the automotive industry as did most of his brothers. He was the only child to do well in school.

Went straight into seminary from high school, did so at the Vatican. A position at St. Anne de Detroit opened as he finished and Father Mulcahey returned to serve his home parish. While many ignored the supernatural threats to the city, Mulcahey could not turn a blind eye; he helped those he could and eventually met others in Detroit and elsewhere who were doing the same.

Father Mulcahey eventually met members of the Eye of Thoth, and through them discovered the church’s “witness Protection Program” for victims of the supernatural. Serving in a city where monsters almost outnumber men, Mulcahey has worked tirelessly to protect and comfort the broken and funnel the desperate safely out of the city. (Quiet Crusade)

When an emissary of a dark power even he doesn’t know shows up in Detroit desperate to make a name for himself, Father Mulcahey thinks to let evil work for good by sending Trevor after a nest of Despair-eaters; but hopes he hasn’t gotten the naive newcomer in over his head. (I forget the name of Joe’s Story)

Sunny Scowden only wants justice and to see Detroit’s monsters defeated, but Mulcahey cannot hand those under his care over to him; be they victims, witnesses, or the penitent guilty. (New Sheriff in Town)

Father Mulcahey

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