Janeane Raft

White Council Shut In

Template High Concept Trouble
Wizard White Council Librarian Not Sure If I Can Help
Aspects Skills
Driven to Succeed Superb (+5): Lore, Scholarship
Married to the Craft Great (+4): Discipline, Rapport
Arcane Librarian Good (+3): Conviction, Empathy
Reluctant Shepherd Fair (+2): Guns, Presence, Resources
“I took this job for the quiet.” Average (+1): Alertness, Contacts, Deceit
Stress Powers Cost
Physical OO Evocation -3
Mental OOOO Thaumaturgy -3
Social OOO The Sight -1
Soulgaze +0
Wizard’s Constitution +0
Refinement (3)
Specializations Focus/Enchanted Items
Evocation Elements(Spirit, Water, Wind); Control (Spirit +3), Power (Spirit +1), Power (Water +2), Power (Wind +1) Staff (+3 Defensive Power, Spirit)
Thaumaturgy Crafting (Frequency) Filtered Sight Glasses (5 shift Block against Stress from the Sight, 4 uses per session)
Power Level Skill Cap
Chest Deep Superb (+5)
Skill Points Spent\Available: 30/30
11 Base Refresh
1 Adjusted Refresh

Born into a family that was wealthy by normal standards but almost poor as ancient lines of wizards go, Janeane was the last of of eight children and the only one with any talent for magic. Her whole childhood was given to learning wizardry, and her adolescence was spent as an apprentice.

Trained by a Great Aunt in practical seclusion, Janeane’s socialization only applied to the structured hierarchy of the White Council and she made few friends among her apprentice peers during her few encounters with them at Council meetings. By the time she was a full wizard she was all but ostracized by her peers, impatient with subordinates, respected by superiors, and tired of all relationships.

When a post away from both her fellow wizards and mortal society opens, Janeane pursues the appointment. Will she succeed when more experienced wizards vie for the job. (The Perfect Job)

Unfortunately for Janeane, she has become the gatekeeper of knowledge for Detroit’s aspiring practitioners; and she helps James find texts he can benefit from and network with others who can help him learn the craft as she does for every other open-handed orphan. (The Inner Circle)

Father Mulcahey keeps asking for aid in his quiet crusades, but the White Council is fighting its own war against the Red Court and Janeane is doing more than her part to train people to protect themselves out in the world that she tried to abandon. (Quiet Crusade)

Janeane Raft

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