Sylvia Ulric

Female Butler

High Concept Motivation Relationships
Pretty Little Half-Fae Experience both worlds Trevor (Employer)

Dossier #6:
Sylvia Ulric

Changeling: Ms. Ulric’s pedigree provides her with unique insight into the minds of the fae, while maintaining mortal will and perspective.
Household Administrator: A position normally known as a “man’s man,” but the title is inappropriate here. Sylvia worked as a nanny then maid, and finally became a butler for a wealthy British heiress; she is well-mannered, discreet, and versed in old world etiquette, which is close to Old World etiquette.
Diplomat: Sylvia is a born diplomat, and would make an excellent informal go-between for discussions with supernatural powers that you have trouble dealing with in person.

Experience: Sylvia has only recently come into knowledge of her true heritage, and is seeking a position to “dip her toe in” to the supernatural world; before deciding which world she wants to become a part of.
Salary: Mrs. Ulric requests a salary equal to her last position, 78k yearly(with all expenses).

Caution: Sylvia Ulric exists on the precipice of two worlds, she has only to choose and she can become fully human or fully fae.

Sylvia Ulric

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