Lorenzo Valentino

Spectre of Espionage

High Concept Relationships
Ghostly Spy Trevor (Patron)

Dossier #5:
Lorenzo Valentino

Ghost: Lorenzo is dead, and now he is back. He is corporally challenged, but is still good at his job.
Spymaster: Mr. Valentino was a spy in early Renaissance Europe, and since his death has filled a similar role for those who could summon or otherwise engage his services.

Freedom of Movement: Lorenzo demands freedom to enter anywhere within your domain, including private residences; ostensibly so that he can do his job properly.
No Oversight: Lorenzo also demands that he be allowed to perform his duties without himself being spied on. You are free to ask what he does or how he gets his information, but if you try to find out on your own he will leave (at the very least).

Caution: Sane ghosts do not affect the mortal world, or stay in it for centuries after their death. Lorenzo’s mind is broken in some way, and his extreme age has likely worsened his condition to an extreme degree.

Lorenzo Valentino

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