Dossiers Set

List of Potential Allies


Dossier #1:
Dr. Mortimer Weinstock
Scientist, Pioneer Ritualist, Expert Thaumaturge
Asks: Ritual/Laboratory Space, Subjects (Human and other)

Dossier #2:
Arthur Pyke
Dragon Knight (martial cultist, awaits return of dragons)
Asks: None (basically just acknowledgment)

Dossier #3:
“Lenny” Gammel
Mortal Hit-man
Asks: If he wakes up in your employ, he’ll never know he wasn’t always your man.

Dossier #4:
Jeremiah Wells
Black Court, Necromantic Dabbler, Bad Ass (will keep your other subjects in line)
Asks: Room, hospitality, feeding permission, position of authority directly under you, alliance with the Black Court

Dossier #5:
Lorenzo Valentino
Ghost, Spymaster
Asks: Freedom of movement throughout your territory, no oversight

Dossier #6:
Sylvia Ulric
Changeling, Household Administrator, Diplomat
Asks: Experience, Salary

Dossier #7:
Charles Conrad
Werewolf, Bounty Hunter, Hard Ass
Asks: Leave to do as he wants

Dossier #8:
Ronald Forster
Former MPI, Retired Hero Cop, Great Investigator
Asks: Chance to redeem himself

Dossier #9:
Dr. Jack Carroll, MD
Doctor, Occultist
Asks: Ritual Space, Expenses

Dossier #10:
Abram Defoe
Vampire Hunter
Asks: Safe Haven, Support


At Trevor’s request, Cherberus put together a list of potential allies and/or lieutenants.

Dossiers Set

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