Detroit: Dark Days

Red Storm
Filling In the Map

Puppet Strings

Cherberus tasks Trevor and James with tracking down those responsible for a crime perpetrated in The Elysium. Magical discharge prevented security cameras from capturing most of the event, but a girl is missing, as is the Red Court envoy whose bodyguards the remaining film implicates, and one of those guards ambushes them and is found to have been magically enthralled. Trevor stumbles into a magical trap at the envoy’s hotel, and James magically tracks the caster to Belle Isle Park.

Meanwhile, John Gonzales is offered hospitality in Trevor’s territory; and uses the close contact to addict the Dragon Count to his narcotic saliva. James struggles to find a mentor to take him as an apprentice, so that he is protected by the Accords and to help him take the next step in arcane education; but Janeane Raft feels like she has enough on her plate without contacting her estranged peers in the White Council to find James a master.

A Black Day

As a dangerous storm blots out the sun, the Count in Crimson and Aspiring Kinetomancer must stop a black magic ritual before it is too late, but how can they prevail against the ghosts fueling the spell, the demons protecting it, and the sorcerer who has suddenly and inexplicably abandoned all restraint? James fights fire with fire and magic with magic, putting ghosts to rest, smashing rock demons, and pacifying the rogue sorcerer with psychomancy; only to find the boy had been pushed over the edge by John Gonzales, to whom the sorcerer and Trevor are addicted. Before they can leave the park with this knowledge, they have to fight their way through Gonzales himself.

In Council

Solving the case earns the two no time to rest, as a meeting of the accorded powers in Detroit is called the next day. Cherberus repays his investigators by adjudicating the meeting himself so that all powers must play by the rules of the Accords, and inviting the local wizard librarian to take James as a apprentice rather than let him be executed. Trevor officially buries the hatchet with the local White Court representative and allows all of the other accorded nations to establish embassies in his territory in exchange for improving the areas they are given.

Dragon County Lines
Waking the Dragon

Handshakes in the Dark

When minor powers throughout Detroit’s supernatural community start dying, Trevor tries to protect the people who have acknowledged his power or come under his wing. But can he succeed when his opposition is out of his weight class, the city’s heroes mistrust him, and Trevor doesn’t even know his patron’s true goals?

Shaking hands and making easy promises he doesn’t intend to bind him, Trevor attempts to make himself a power other wouldn’t dare prey upon; as he realizes he can’t yet physically defeat even minor toughs like a mercenary ghoul sent to teach him a lesson in fear. As his fast and loose web of diplomacy meets external stress, and his own infidelity to inconvenient promises, Trevor’s patron appears and gives a new task. A new supernatural nation of minor talents and destitute mortals must be forged from nearly a fourth of Detroit’s suburbs, with alliances and enemies already made from Trevor’s political intrigue.

The Simplest Threshold

James Rutherford III finds himself cut off from the help he needs to improve his magical talents by local wizard librarian Janeane Raft, due to his association with a dark new element in Detroit’s supernatural landscape. Can he convince Detroit that his new friend is one of the good guys when Trevor has his own kind of moral compass, or will James have to distance himself to prove that he is one of the good guys.

With Trevor in tow, James goes to universally recognized good guy Father Mulcahey, to ask for any good works and charity cases they could accomplish to earn the priests endorsement for draconic emissary. The Father would support him if he only renounced his dark master, which Trevor professes willingness to do but clearly will not; so the two of them unsuccessfully set a prescient trap for a ghoul that has been preying on locals to try and prove their intentions.

Circles Within Circles

As the situation escalates, Trevor’s patron appears and seems to demand everyone in the neighborhood swear fealty and be branded with a hot iron. At last James decides that perhaps he cannot save his reputation by reforming Trevor’s, and washes his hands of the new nation; only to be ambushed by the ghoul. Defeating the ghoul with his own will rather than borrowed faith, James proves himself to be one of the good guys to Metro Paranormal Investigations and Janeane Raft, while proving to himself the power at his fingertips. James has managed to push his way into a deeper layer of supernatural understanding, while Trevor has set countless wheels in motion to change the lay of power in Detroit’s dark days.


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