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Detroit: Dark Days

City-Wide Themes and Threats

Theme Theme Threat
The Idea The Idea The Idea
Citizens and corporations who can abandon the city in the face of efforts to resurrect it or make it a ghost town. Shadowy figures have taken an interest in Detroit and send enterprising locals to carry out their potentially ominous Long Term Plans House Skavis is building an army to enforce the status Quo
The Aspect The Aspect The Aspect
Between Death and Rebirth Pawns Before the Chess Masters Dark Horizon
The Faces The Faces The Faces
AlpLuachra Summer Court Rep The “Exchange” An anonymous job board with lucrative rewards Kristina Skavis WCV, House Skavis Noble
Kate Sith Winter Court Rep Cherberus Local “Disinterested” Third Party Kang Ghoul Tyrant

Campaign Aspects

Vision of My Own Death

The Balance of Power

The Status Quo

Supernatural Status Quo Mundane Status Quo
Summer and Winter are locked in a struggle over how Detroit will die, while others scheme to keep it limping along on the brink of death or have even worse goals. The city is dying faster than holdouts can try to rebuild, crime is rampant, and a swamped police force has turned over anything out of the ordinary to MPI.

Major Locations

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