Detroit: Dark Days

Mulcahey's Missions: Ghoul War

Killing Up the Food Chain

Detroit’s ghouls have run unchecked for too long and become too bold, preying almost openly on the few inhabitants of the desolate city’s outskirts. James and Zack are tasked by Father Mulcahey with ending the ghoul’s hold on Detroit. The boys scout the area and begin a series of rapid strikes against roaming ghouls to put the fear into them and let them know Detroit wasn’t their playground, and manage to draw Kang into a duel in the open. James powers Zach up with a few powerful enchantments and Zach wipes the floor with the arrogant ghoul, unfortunately the duo’s plan to keep Kang down is interrupted by a untimely assault by Frank, who has likewise been powered up by his mysterious magical ally. Zach has to scramble back from his pursuit of the fleeing ghoul spectators to save James, who was stunned by the surprise attack and taken out by the potent lightning sword Zach brought to bear; and while James is saved and Frank is routed Kang oozes down to his underworld home to recover.
Kang won’t be lured out again and has time to recover and entrench while James recovers, so the boys have to draw on all their allies to launch a frontal assault on ghoul territory, while they launch a sneak attack into Kang’s throne room from the Nevernever through a portal held open by Henry Engel. The ruse turns Kang’s carefully constructed trap against him, with all of his forces having to rush up through a magical torrent of crushing water summoned by James. Zach goes toe to toe with Kang again with slightly less magical backing but still proves to be the deadlier beast. The boys step back through the portal as the whole underground complex collapses on any surviving ghouls and blocks the main entrance from their section of the Nevernever into Detroit. With the success of the other attacks, and the aid of veiled vengeance from Kate Sith against her treacherous former servants, the ghouls of Detroit are wipe out almost utterly. Those few who get away have no taste for returning, and spread the word that Detroit is not the haven for monsters it had once been.



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